Monday, January 11, 2010

"Perfuddled" = perplexed, baffled, bemuddled

Got a package today from Enfamil addressed to our "new" address. Uh, I didn't sign up for this stuff. Who has been listening in on our private conversations at home?

I can take this one of two ways. Like bad news, good news.

1. Satan is trying to get my hopes up to see me crash in disappointment.
2. God is trying to give me a hint that my dreams/thoughts are not just craziness induced by pre-menopausal hormones.

So, our prayers have been two-fold.

God, please either provide a miracle, or remove the dreams I have had since childhood. I hate for that to sound like Gideon's fleece, but as I re-read it, and that is what it sounds like. This is not my intent, just more of pleading with God for some finality.

Anyway, Robert says put the box on the shelf for now. Nothing expires until 2011, and that is a pretty long way off.

Just kind of "perfuddled" about how we got on the mailing list.

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